Monday, 12 September 2011

Electrical Skills Course

The Skills Malaysia INVITE Electrical course is designed to train and provide exposure on theoretical and practical skills related to low voltage electrical power distribution, machinery installation and maintenance of motors, generators, transformers, and so forth. Students are also exposed to methods of installation and maintenance of street lighting and works supervision. 
Upon graduation, students will be awarded the Malaysian Skills Certificate. 

Graduates of this course will have the opportunity to work as electrical technicians in the construction and industrial sectors as supervisors and skilled workers, and teachers in the government or private sector, or become entrepreneurs.

Skilled Workers
Electrical Technician

Certification / Awards

Assessment may be conducted through oral, written and practical methods.
Upon completion of this course, students will receive the following Certificates and Diplomas:
  • Malaysian Skills Certificate – Junior Electrical Technician (Level 1)
  • Malaysian Skills Certificate – Electrical Technician (Level 2)
  • Malaysian Skills Certificate – Senior Electrical Technician(Level 3)
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COURSE Electrical Technician   (INVITE I) Senior Electrical Technician 
Senior Electrical Technician  
AWARD Certificate Levels 1 & 2 (Malaysian Skills Certificate)

Skills Proficiency Award (City & Guilds, UK)
Certificate Levels 1, 2 & 3 (Malaysian Skills Certificate)

Diploma in Business Skills (City & Guilds, UK)
Certificate Levels 1, 2 & 3 (Malaysian Skills Certificate)

Skills Proficiency Award / Certificate / Diploma in Business Skills (City & Guilds, UK)
DURATION 12 months, including 12 weeks internship training 24 months, including 12 - 24 weeks internship training 24 - 36 months
Classroom training and Internship to take place concurrently
Classroom training: 3 - 4 days/week
Internship: 2 - 3 days/week
(RM 16,200)
Application Fee:
USD 99
Int’l Student Admin. Fee:
USD 957
Course & Exam Fees:
USD 4,290
Total: USD 8,464
Application Fee:
USD 99
Int’l Student Admin. Fee:
USD 957
Course & Exam Fees:
USD 7,590
Total: USD 8,464
(RM 26,200)
Application Fee:
USD 99
Int’l Student Admin. Fee:
USD 957
Course & Exam Fees:
USD 7,590
HOSTEL FEES 1 year: RM 2,800 
(USD 924)
2 years: RM 5,200 
(USD 1,716)
2 years:
RM 5,200 (USD 1,716)
3 years:
RM 7,600 (USD 2,508)
  • 18 – 45 years old
  • With 9 Years Schooling OR
  • With 6 Years Schooling and 3 Years Prior Work Experiences in Related Fields
  • Pulau Indah, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Penang, Malaysia

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Single phase electrical drawing, wiring, installation testing and electrical troubleshooting DC motor installation and system maintenance
Electrical drawing Electrical testing
Industrial wiring and installation Motor control
Troubleshoot and maintenance Cable ducting installation
Low voltage underground cable
installation and troubleshooting
Main and sub-switchboard installation
Low voltage generator installation Cable riser and cable tray installation
Low voltage motor control centre Connection and termination maintenance
Electrical equipment / machinery load maintenance Fire alarm air conditional electrical system maintenance
Supervisory function Conducting meetings
Budgeting Work activities monitoring and accident reporting

Source: Skills Malaysia INVITE


  1. Hi, I have to ask, if i finish Electrical Technician (INVITE I), can i proceed to the Senior Electrical Technician
    (INVITE II)and how many years to finish the INVITE II?

  2. good morning...
    i am boobalan subramaniyan.DEEE native (INDIA. TAMIL NADU).I am diploma electrical engineer,now i am working in Saudi Arabia.. i like to continue my study's in abroad, so i need details of this course & duration and fess.. please replay to this mail id thanking you..

  3. Hello, good morning.
    I am wondering if you offer short electrical wiring installation courses. I am 48 years old but I need to learn how to wire my own house. Besides that, when I retire from my current job, I would like to provide electrical wiring service.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and support.

    Ariffin Gutierrez Bin Abdullah